Education and modern technologies, their positive and negative impact


Education is the process of transferring the huge body of knowledge accumulated by the human society throughout its evolution. Formal classroom education system remained unchanged for more than a century with teachers relying on rote learning and punishment as a tool to impart knowledge to their students. However, technology has made inroads in education like other aspects of human life and it has become much easier for teachers as well as students to fulfil their responsibilities. Education today has become more interesting and collaborative in nature and students are better able to grasp concepts in various subjects by using these technologies.

Internet has facilitated e learning

The most revolutionary change in education because of technology is undoubtedly the availability of fast internet and the use of computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Educational institutions have grabbed this opportunity for not just delivery of educational material but also to teach and explain lessons in a very easy way. Virtual colleges and classrooms have become very common where students can log in from wherever they are rather than having to physically be present in campuses far away from their homes.

Learning that is collaborative in nature

It is a fact that students learn in a more effective manner when they are explained concepts in an immersive manner. Digital tools now make it possible for classroom students and teachers to remain connected on a single platform. Teachers can explain topics using electronic tools and students can discuss their problems to understand subjects easily. Special apps from Google and Microsoft are being used by educational institutions to conduct 3D virtual tours of historical places to make learning very easy for students.



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Students can learn concepts at their own pace

With the help of e learning, students can go through lessons as many times as they wish to get a deep understanding of the concept. This is not possible in conventional physical classrooms where teachers have to work under the constraints of curriculum and time frame. This is a significant advantage of technology in education as it allows students to keep pace with the classroom. Also, teachers can give personalized attention to students to make sure each of them gets education according to his requirements.

Students can learn anything they want

In times before the advent of technology, students had no choice in front of them. They had to join courses in a particular college to acquire knowledge and degrees. But today, technology has made it possible for anyone to learn anything he desires for free or by paying a small fee. An individual need not join an institution and attend classes physically to receive education as this can be done with the help of a computing device and fast speed internet at his home. From programming to accounting and from math to various languages, anyone can hope to learn anything and connect with tutors online these days.



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Creative use of social media

Social media is considered to be a platform to interact with friends. But it is being used by teachers to engage with their students in a very creative manner. Every class can have a group on Facebook or Twitter where they can share and interact to increase their learning of various concepts. Teachers can make important announcements using this group and also give away assignments. In fact, students can also complete and submit their assignments using internet and social media platform.




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Adverse impact of technology in education

Technology has brought about a silent revolution in education with both students as well as teachers benefitting from the use of technology in a big way. However, there are some experts who feel that learning experiences of students using computing devices outside their school are radically different from what students get in physical classroom environment. They also point out to the fact that cheating by students using internet and their mobile devices has increased because of use of technology in education. It has become very easy for students to cheat in their exams using modern technology. However, by using unethical and unfair means, these students are only harming themselves rather than posing any risk to the system of modern education.

Advantages of technology in education far outweigh its disadvantages. This is why technology is being embraced and welcomed by educational institutions all over the world.