The Secrets Of Dating: Becoming a Seducer With Women

For a couple of weeks around this time, everywhere I went I heard the same song on the radio, I got into my car, it was on the radio, I went into a shop, it was on the radio, I went home, made dinner, put on the radio and there it was again, loud and clear. Here it was a professional dating coach talking about how to improve your game.


“Stop, look, listen to your heart hear what its saying.” Then back in the next class, the ego was beginning to show signs of strain. I’d sit quietly in a corner where I could see and hear the teacher without having to make too much eye contact; just wanting to connect with what was going on inside, and it would start trying to goad me!

“OK, so what now? What now?! What’s next? That was good but what’s next? Huh, huh? Come on do something, make something happen… What! Are you achieving here? Right. You get up off this silly old cushion right now!! And do something…HEY! …Go and achieve something” it whined…I did nothing, just sat breathing in and out, noticing the breath leaving and entering my body.

“Nothing’s happening, I feel weird. Uh oh…something bad’s gonna happen…its too quiet in here ”

But while my mind was screaming at me like the text-book id, some other voice seemed to be whispering, as it probably always had been, “Be still,” and this time, I listened. I had run out of steam. I had come so far and gotten nowhere fast and now there was nowhere to go, but within. I took a very long, slow, deep breath and my first tentative steps on the long journey home.

I continued to feel exhausted. Some weekends I slept and slept and slept; I began to wonder whether I would ever feel normal again. After a few weeks of this, thoughts that were slightly ‘foreign’ to me began to come into my head. I began to wonder (shock, horror) whether I actually wanted to just be a famous singer. I had always been a fairly thoughtful person by nature and this passion for contemplation suddenly rose to the surface of my conscious awareness and began to seem at odds with the glamour and excitement of being on stage and the hedonism and superficiality of the music business. Of course I know that there are a lot of performers who are naturally shy people. In fact becoming a performer is often described as “the shy person’s revenge.”

seducing-and-dating-a-girlBut no, that wasn’t it exactly; I wasn’t that shy and revenge has just never been my thing. So it was something else; something quite strange and new. For the first time ever, I began to wonder whether I could perhaps find something else to do that was a bit more… meaningful?…fulfilling?… Or perhaps I should say, for the first time ever, I began to let my own feelings about what might make me truly happy float to the surface and be noticed. Of course I had always loved singing, and adored music my whole life, for as long as I can remember, and still do. It had been like a salve to my soul in difficult times, and long before I had a name for what singing did for me or how it made me feel I knew that it somehow connected me with something much far greater than myself.

I didn’t have the words to describe it then but I now know that music has always been for me a very powerful way of connecting to The Source. as a matter of fact, everything related to dating and how to pick up girls. Back in those days though, God was a scary, judgmental, all powerful figure with a long grey beard, sitting on a throne shaking a sceptre or a staff, or something. What could that guy possibly have to do with music? Nevertheless, I started singing in order to express and to connect with something deep within me. It was an innocent expression, something between me and my spirit, a cry from the voice of my heart.

Then, as I got older, I discovered that people liked the sound of my voice and seemed to like me more because they liked my singing. I had something special that other people wanted. I was no longer the retiring underdog…the weird girl with cold hands, and because I had been given this ‘gift’, of course the natural assumption was that one day I would be famous. Well it didn’t exactly fit with who I was… but being famous would mean that everyone I knew would like me a lot more and a lot more people I didn’t even know would probably like me as well, and anyway, how could I let everyone down when they all expected such great things from me?

dating-gameThroughout my life I had felt that the “borrowed robes” of the ‘international singing sensation’ everyone told me I should become were a poor fit. The harshness I found in the music business was severely at odds with the intense feeling of love, connectedness and communion that came when I just opened my mouth and let the music out. I searched for a place, genre, situation or niche where I might thrive and be accepted within the great music biz monster, along with all my vulnerabilities and my kooky and curious spiritual sensibilities, only to rediscover, time after time, that this ‘business’ was no business of mine and that I was absolutely not cut out for it.

But every time I fell, there would be someone there to pick me up again and encourage me back into the futile fray once more. A well-meaning friend who felt sure that I’d “make it” one day if I just kept plugging away at it because it was my destiny. Or maybe a relative would remind me of how I’d amazed the whole family all those years ago when I stood up in front of all those people at that talent contest and how proud they all were of little Di. Or from out of the blue a sudden offer would appear. Or an unexpected call would come from some forgotten contact or jazz promoter begging me to do one last gig. And so, the need in me would be reawakened and my fragile ego would drag me, screaming, towards the promise of more flattery and validation.

Then finally, I began to get really centred in the silence and to enjoy the warm afterglow of authenticity that would increasingly follow me out of my meditations and into my day to dating life, and I began to experience a curious sense of dissociation during gigs. As my ego began to loosen its hold over me, my perspective began to shift. Instead of wondering whether I was giving a stunning performance or what the audience thought of me or feeling comfortable that I was once again proving myself worthy of love


Six Tips for a Safe Gold IRA Rollover Session

If you are ought to invest on Gold IRA, you are certainly not alone. Over the past few years, the industry has grown in great leaps and bounds. The financial situation in certain countries has increased the lustre of gold. For those who are new to the trade, the next few tips will give you a jumpstart into the investment.


Tip #1 – Check if its Gold!

Always remember that all IRA plans will not let you invest in gold. Some plans can be used to invest on copper, metallic elements and silver. Thus, you should handpick IRA accounts that are customized for gold. After all, there are special IRA accounts for gold-based investments.

Tip #2 – Choose a Good Gold Rollover Account

Do you know that gold IRA rollover accounts can be classed into different types? This includes “Simplified Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE)”, “Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP)”, Traditional IRAs and Roth IRA. Each of these plans have a unique set of features, benefits and drawbacks.

Tip #3 – A Helping Hand

When you make a gold IRA investment, you should choose a reliable custodian. The individual must be an experienced gold investor. He/she must be able to delight you with sound, genuine advice on how to handle the subject. Always remember that gold IRA rollover is a tacky field, with many pits, loops and fatal traps!

Tip #4 – Finding a secure storage unit

Gold IRA must be obtained from a secure storage unit. According to legal principles, gold bullions and coins should be acquired from reputable sources. At all times, you should check if the service provider is legit, bonded and legally approved. Due to the field’s lucrative nature, there are plenty of gold IRA scams. As mentioned previously, gold IRA is governed by many strategies. For instance, the IRA custodian and storage depository must be present in different locations. Also, you should pay storage and cover insurance fee. Only a skilled custodian will be able to advice you on these topics.

Tip #5 – Transferring funds the right way

When you wish to buy gold IRA, you can transfer funds from an existing IRA. Rollover funding is a great way to manage cash. Gold IRA rollover sessions will save you from hefty taxes and account issues. The method will help you keep track of every penny that leaves and seeps into your IRA account. Honestly, we decided to go with Regal Assets due to this review wrote by Steve Smith in his website.


Tip #6 – The right form of gold

Moving on, you should decide if you require gold mining stocks, gold coins and gold bullions. These are different forms of gold investments with distinguishable pros and cons. Your IRA custodian will give you a comprehensive insight through these benefits and flaws. For example, gold coin investments must be legally approved in the country. Similarly, the coins should be made of .999 troy ounces of flawless, pure gold! Special foreign coins accepted by gold IRA would be: Gold Maple Leaf, US Gold Buffalo and the Australian Gold Kangaroo.

On the whole, you should be very careful and watchful with Gold IRA investments! After all, the field is growing and changing rapidly!

Five Tips to Be Remembered While Selling/Buying Physical Gold

Buying-Physical-GoldIn this modern swerving economy, stocks are regarded as old-fashion and gold is treated as a priceless treasure. It is quite interesting to note that gold spot prices have gone up by nearly 40% in just six short months. To be more precise, the price of gold in mid-August was 1700 USD, whereas the price hit 1900 USD by early-September. With such deviations and sharp twists, when should you buy or sell gold? Should you make decisions based on the spot price of gold? If you are burdened by these queries, consider yourself as lucky! The next few lines will give you five interesting tips on how to convert gold into cash the right way!

Spot Decision #1 – Good Scales

First of all, you must understand the gold scales. The weight of gold will correspond to its price. Officially, the Troy ounce is used to determine the weight of gold. There is a significant difference between the Troy ounce and US scale. To be more precise, the US scale measures 28grams/ounce, while the Troy Scale denotes 31.1grams/ounce. When your dealer weighs physical gold, you should be very careful. Sneaky dealers may trick you while measuring.

Spot Decision #2 – The right Karat

How well do you know the Karats? Gold spot prices are declared in terms of Karats. Pure, physical gold cannot be used to make anything. This is because pure gold is too soft and malleable. Thus, pure gold has to be mixed with metals for its strength, colour and durability. According to the Federal Trade Commission, only a certain quantity of metals should be added to pure gold. As the percentage of metals in the mixture increases, the spot price of gold has to come down! When you are ought to negotiate with the dealer, you must talk with the karats in mind. Always remember that the scrap value of gold has to be decided beforehand.


Spot Decision #3 – The Spot Price

Thirdly, you should keep an eye on gold spot prices every day. Stay in touch with a genuine online source or jewellery store to learn more about the present gold price. Some dealers tend to dream of quick money; as a result, they are inclined to increase the final selling price of gold. If you read financial newspaper you may have read how this happened just two months ago.

Spot Decision #4 – BBB Reviews

financial-specialistMeanwhile, you should scan through better business bureau to learn more about the dealer’s proficiency and trustworthy nature. Check if the business has many complaints and negative feedbacks. As potential investors, you should stay away from dealers with negative reviews. Additionally, you must be search for service providers with many loyal customers. This is because businesses with spotless reviews would have worked extensively hard to reach such heights of fame and glory.

Spot Decision #5 – Deal or Not?

When you are ought to sell gold, you must be aware of the deal and its price! Verify if the precious metal has to be converted into cash or not. The decision is governed by many factors like the time, spot price, economy and dealer. So, think twice and act like a professional financial specialist.

There are some different ways to invest in gold or silver. In the next article we will explain to you some interesting vehicles you can use to buy gold in a very easy and suitable way.

US Election 2012

Three SOPA Sponsors Ousted From Congress

In Tuesday’s election, three co-sponsors of the Stop Online Piracy Act lost their seats. With another declining to run another term, Congress will have lost four SOPA allies when it takes office again in January. Two were forced to run against each other, ensuring that one of them would be forced out. Mary Bono Mack lost her seat to Democrat Raul Ruiz. And Democrat Joe Baca was beaten by another Democrat, Negrete McLeod. (11.7.2012)

Proposition 35 and California

Proposition 35, legislation designed to increase penalties for crimes involving prostitution and human trafficking, was on California’s ballot last night, and was eventually passed with 81 percent of the vote. The EFF has opposed Prop 35, suggesting it creates a “dangerous legislative model” for policing unpopular groups, and Francisco Lobaco, legislative director of ACLU of California said earlier this year that it could infringe on the First Amendment right to free speech. Also opposed is the LA Times and Sacramento Bee, while the San Francisco Chronicle praises its internet provisions. (11.6.2012)

On Wednesday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit demanding certain provisions in Prop 35 be blocked. Referring to the provision that registered sex offenders inform law enforcement of any identifiers (usernames) they use online, an EFF attorney said “requiring people to give up their right to speak freely and anonymously about civic matters is unconstitutional.” The measure would affect 73,000 sex offenders in California. (11.7.2012)

Late on Wednesday, a judge granted a temporary restraining order barring the law from going into effect while each side prepares its arguments. The anonymous plaintiffs say their ability to express themselves candidly would be undermined if they were required to disclose their identities to law enforcement, and that the provision is “impossibly vague”. (11.7.2012)

Nate Silver Nails It

Full analysis is yet to come, but it seems Nate Silver just about perfectly predicted the results of the election, which is going to be very schadenfreude-y. (11.8.2012)

The World of Warcraft Candidate

Democrat Colleen Lachowicz made the news when the Maine Republican Party created a website criticizing her for playing World of Warcraft. And now, for beating Republican Senator Thomas Martin of Benton for Senate District 25. (11.7.2012)

The First Twitter Election

Obama celebrated his victory on Twitter before he announced it on stage at Chicago, tweeting “This happened because of you. Thank you.” Then he tweeted what is now the most popular tweet of all time. Twitter says it was fielding 15,107 tweets per second at its peak. (11.7.2012)

New Jersey’s Email Ballots

New Jersey’s email based voting systems, a last minute allowance for residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy, had problems yesterday. At least two email addresses used for requesting a ballot started rejecting emails, and one county official even offered his Hotmail address as an alternative. In response, the deadline for email voting has been extended to 8pm Friday (Eastern). (11.6.2012)

The Threat Of Voter Fraud

The GOP’s campaign to spread voter fraud hysteria hung in the air on election day, buoyed by a feature in Harper’s published that morning. In Perry County, Pennsylvania, a Youtube video of a voting machine not allowing a vote for Barack Obama spread through Twitter. Later in the day, the machine was taken out of service and recalibrated, then put back in service, upsetting voter fraud conspiracy theorists. (11.6.2012)

What The President Stands For

Barack will make a lot of decisions that affect the world of technology on the next 4 years. Decisions about cybersecurity, the future of the space program, regulation of the wireless spectrum, and net neutrality laws. The Verge has a great explainer on each of the presidential candidates’ policies, as well as a look at key congressional players in writing new laws and debating issues like SOPA. (11.2.2012)

Leaky Campaign Websites

Following a story in the New York Times about the presidential campaigns making use of third-party web trackers to personalize their ads, Stanford privacy researcher Jonathan Mayer did some research of his own to check their claims that the data they send is anonymous. Answer: not really. The Obama campaign told The Times that, regardless of what data they leak, the campaign stipulates the third party partners don’t use the data they collect for other purposes. The Romney campaign did not returned The Times’ request for comment. (11.1.2012)